Chase Ink Cash // First Card App of 2015

Chase Ink Cash

Since moving to Korea last year, the points-earning has been a bit on the slow side as compared to when I was in the U.S. With our return to the States coming up soon, I’ve been giddy at the possibility of applying for new cards and restocking my points and miles balances.

For the first card application of the year, I chose the Ink Cash to replace the Ink Plus I cancelled a few months ago because the annual fee was due. Both of these Chase Ink business cards offer easy opportunities to earn 5X points at office supply stores and for telecommunication expenses.

The cards also have different 2X points categories. The Ink Plus earns 2X on gas stations and hotels. The Ink Cash earns 2X on gas stations and restaurants.

The other difference is that the Ink Plus has a $50,000 annual limit on the 5X and 2X categories. The Ink Cash has a $25,000 annual limit. For most people, these limits shouldn’t be an issue.


Ink Cash Bonus Category

Since the Ink Cash doesn’t have an annual fee, I knew that this was a card I wanted to get and keep. However, there is a $3,000 minimum spend in the first three months to earn the full 20,000 Ultimate Rewards bonus.


Ink Cash DetailsI was curious how the application process would go, since I was applying from abroad. Unfortunately, I was not immediately approved. In these cases, you have the option of waiting for a response or you can call the reconsideration line to expedite the process.

When I called up, I explained to the customer service rep that I had a pending application. He asked for my social security number to look up my application and put me on hold to review it.

What usually happens is that they come back with questions about the information on the application. When he came back on, I was ready to answer the standard questions about my business but was pleasantly surprised when he told me I was approved and should receive the card in 5-7 business days.

Now, most reconsideration calls aren’t as easy as this. You’ll probably be asked about your income, business history, why you need this card, etc. I think I just got lucky with a CSR that wanted to get through with it and move onto the next.

I wonder how carefully he even looked at the info on my application. In this case, I didn’t mind a rep that wasn’t personable and just wanted to move on to the next call. A couple days later, I received the email I was looking for.


Ink Cash Approved


This beauty will be waiting for me in the U.S. and I can’t wait to add it to my wallet.


Note: I do not receive any financial compensation from any credit card links in this post.


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