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Alaska Airlines LogoAs a former and soon-to-be again flyer based out of SEA, I’ve shared about how much I enjoy Alaska Airlines – both for their great service and Mileage Plan frequent flyer program. They offer great service on the ground and in the air. They also have passenger friendly checked baggage and fare guarantee policies.

I have taken advantage of their fare guarantee multiple times to receive a credit for an already purchased ticket that had decreased in price. The process is fairly simple and requires you to enter the confirmation number. The website calculates the new price and issues the difference as a credit to be used later.


Alaska Fare Guarantee

A good time to check for lower fares is during their fare sales. I know it’s easy not to pay attention to sales when you already purchased a ticket but with Alaska Airlines, you can still benefit from a sale even after you’ve purchased a ticket.

In addition to the fare guarantee policy, I think what really sets Alaska apart from other airlines is that they want you to use the credit and send reminders about expiring credits at both the 90-day and 30-day mark.


Alaska Credit Reminder - 90 days

Alaska Credit Reminder – 90 days


Alaska Credit Reminder - 30 days

Alaska Credit Reminder – 30 days

I think it’s safe to say most airlines will happily let any credit they’ve issued you to expire. Alaska Airlines doesn’t think this is good business practice and it’s what helps them stand out from the other airlines.


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